Saturday, February 27, 2010

Create Free website on Sauropol, one of the best free website service

A webvideotutorial ( and/or webvideotutor ) serie posts about BUILD A NEW FREE WEBSITE with ADSENSE , AFFILIATE GOOGLE and more...

First thing of a web user on the starting way is always need to create a free website,just learning where will be the best free website service?

Webvideotutor will introduce to you a best free website builder. You can start your own website now for FREE 100%. It could be your first personal, group or small business website, but not the last because you can have as many website as you want. is one of the free site-building service in the internet world. What is so special about
It’s easy to use, to set up and to operate, no matter you are a professional IT people or beginner just like a very new web user or a simple blogger.

This is the site manager and service offering on-demand websites by server. You may edit your website over here same as adding new website page, uploading photo in your website, share video, add any special section in your website , select style page section , use multiple layouts and more...
By default, you can given many&many Mb of storage to save your picture, video and other’s data , the team service Sauropol promise continuing to provide and increase your website storage to more in the next , for FREE ( of course ).

Create your site now for FREE to starting . Utilize your creativity in designing your own website.
One thing for choosing Sauropol is You don’t need to know anything about programming or graphic design to get started. If you can write e-mail, you can start a website right now and follows experience guide from Webvideotutorial and support pages of video tutorials resource of Sauropol .

In this post , webvideotutor will shows you many screenshots for a reason to knowing and trusting for "why choosing sauropol?" that is the answer for your needs to get a quick way creating - blogging same as an expert to the best free website.
Upload all file format video,Mp3,Docs,also .JS
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 Sub domain also approved to Affiliate Google Network

 Sauropol is a service offering on-demand websites by Saurus .
What you can do here
Sauropol is all about creating instant websites. By signing-up  you’ll get a free site running in a minute. Here’s what you can do with it:
Create a website or a blog
Sauropol goes way beyond blogging by allowing you to create sites with hierarchical structure and multiple layouts. Sure you can do blogging as well but that’s just subset of what we offer.
Publish rich content
Manage texts, tables, hyperlinks, photos, documents or comments. Include media from other sites such as Youtube or Flickr.
Use multiple layouts
Layout templates for creating blogs, text pages, image galleries, news lists, document folders and bulletin boards are right here at your fingertips.
Enjoy advanced features
Your site will feature full text search and automatic sitemap. It will also broadcast all your content via RSS. And if you're a techie, you can add your own layouts and modify nearly everything.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A real resource for helping blogger created your own web video site for free.

From web video tutor  to bloggers-friends and web users ,

At first , i have a good news for you , my friends online.
Thanks to advances in web video technology we can now put any video on any website or blog site in just a few minutes.The main answer for "why we need webvideotutor ?" is we can maket it for free 100% , at here you don't spend your money or pay for anything as a charge to get your web video site ( or video channel ).  
Webvideotutor author promise to helping you create a video site free but more better than other paid website. All you need is follows all lessons , subscribe to webvideotutor feed or Google friends for downloads some needed softwares.
May be , you got some questions on the web when searching a true way learning same as below : Are you frustrated by the time and trouble it takes to get video on your website ?  Do you want to add stunning, professional-looking videos with cutting-edge features ....transforms huge video files (.avi, .mpg, .wmv, etc.) into small, Internet-ready "flash" videos so quickly and so easily that we can do it in just minutes.

In fact, some good satisfied web users sent me a lot email after they found this webvideotutor site ( the one you are reading right now ).

They tried so hard to get video on their sites... but those video files were either too big for the web... or he lost too much quality... or used wrong file format for video clips ...or many problems -trouble they don't meets before ...and/or the "solution" they'd been given just plain didn't work.

So they went back to the drawing board looking for another way...searching on the web ; go to more info ,data results and just trying from the tags "wikivideo".. and that's when you found webvideotutor blogger ! because wikivideo was our main campain on media-wiki a title called 'videowikia' has been submited on a few year in the past .

At least , so many video server, video hosting site are shutdown their windows , for that case we lost our previous video submit to .The right thing from now that we will create our own channel video ; follows webvideotutor to full guide of "how to".

Here is what the new Wikivideo 2010 Free Web Video Tutor guide looks like: About page